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If you need to learn one thing about branding, it is that your logo is not your brand. There is so much more to branding, and if you look at nothing other than the 4 P’s on how to build your brand you will be off to a good start.

You’ve likely heard of the 4, 6 or even 7 P’s of a marketing mix. These extend from product, place, price, promotion, people and process to purple cow and even phone! And while those are all excellent points for marketing, they don’t quite hit the mark on branding. Marketing is very much a ‘push’ tactic where you push your message out to the market.

Branding on the other hand is a ‘pull’ tactic where you pull customers towards the brand. Connection is where branding comes into its own and turns a business from simply being transactional, to one that truly resonates with their audience. After all, “branding is what people say about you when you’re not in the room” (thanks Jeff Bezos from Amazon of that wonderful explanation of branding).

#1 – Personality

Most people are really confused as to where they should start when developing their brand. The first port of call it to discover what your Brand Personality is. This is easier said than done, as your brand is more esoteric than an actual person. Finding your Brand Personality becomes a fundamental framework in which to craft not just the visual aspect of your brand, but also the language and tone, the culture you want to create and most importantly how you want people to feel when experiencing your brand.
We like to use Swiss psychologist, Carl Jung’s 12 personality archetypes. These 12 personalities are ones that we all intrinsically know and understand. Imagine if you apply human attributes to a brand? Imagine if your business sounded like a person or created an unforgettable experience for your customer that left them surprised and delighted?
Discover your Brand Personality:

#2 – Promise

Most businesses spend a huge amount of time and energy focusing on their vision and their mission. These are great, however they are all about the business. Branding, remember is all about the customer, so we need to flip the focus from being all about the business, to now being about the customer.
By creating a brand promise you are demonstrating to your customer that you are committed to them. A promise between people is a very powerful and intimate declaration. So too is a brand promise. However, like all promises, if you break it, you will lose the trust of your customer which in turn can damage your brand.
When creating a brand promise you need to focus on your customer’s key pain points and how you can solve their problems. The trick is not to have multiple promises as this is likely to lead to you letting people down.
You need one very powerful promise that everyone in the business focuses on each and every day. And if you break the promise? You need to move mountains to make things right.

#3 – Purpose

The quote “if you don’t stand for something, you will fall for everything” is more relevant today in branding than ever before. Whether it’s in support of the Black Lives Matter movement, actively taking a stand against domestic violence or being environmentally conscious, brands that have a clear and
well-defined purpose often have a stronger connection with their customers.
Consumers today are more conscious and discerning in their buying habits and they care about more than just your service or product. They care about what kind of impact a brand is
making on the world and even more importantly, they care that
their purchasing decisions can have an impact on the world.

#4 – People

What would we do in business without people? And I’m not just
talking about customers. When it comes to branding it is easy
to focus entirely on your customer, and that is normal – after all,
they are the ones buying from you. However your team are just
as important as your customers, and in some cases more so. If
you build a brand with your people in mind, where you define a
clear culture, where you nurture talent and make your staff feel
appreciated and valued, it will help you cement yourself as an
employer of choice.
People who are happy at work and feel as that they are making
a difference in the world, will work harder with more dedication
than those in a business that has none of these values.
With happy staff, great training and well documented systems
come excellence in customer service. And this is where the
magic for your customers come into play.
Now that you have sorted out your team culture, it is time to
turn your attention to the customer experience. How do you
want them to feel? Think about every touch-point in your
business and how you can infuse your Brand Personality into
each interaction. This will help create a consistent experience
and ensure you are constantly connecting with your audience
on a strategic level.

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