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Our size allows us to invest in being more responsive, supportive and insightful, without ever jeopardising our investment in your individual business journey. We have expert bankers and dedicated support teams waiting to get to know you, your business and your goals for the future

We’re here to support you with:

  • Business Banking – including setting up, expanding or transitioning your  business, as well as  managing your cash flow and everyday  transactions
  • Personal Banking – including buying a home or investment  property Wealth management – providing tailored solutions for affluent customers across banking, investment and
    advice to help you reach your goals
  • Self-serve online banking options – including NAB internet banking and NAB Connect*
  • Help to grow your business – access to external business and community networks (industry, professional services and more) to help you grow your business

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Our team of more than 6,000 business bankers, specialists and support staff:
  • Can help you with your business and personal banking needs
  • Have industry and product expertise
  • Are located right across Australia
  • Support businesses in regional Australia, with 650 regional and agribusiness bankers in more than 120 regional locations

Make more informed decisions

We’ll support you to make better business decisions by sharing:

  • Insights and practical tools designed to help your business succeed at every stage
  • The latest economic and industry trends via our bankers and monthly ‘View’ publications, events, webinars and podcasts

Invested in a long-standing relationship

We’re invested in our customers and communities and here for the long haul.

  • We’re Australia’s biggest business and agribusiness bank, and have been supporting businesses like yours for the last 160 years
  • Standing by our customers through drought, bushfires, floods and most recently, Covid-19


In our most recent quarterly business update NAB’s Group Executive, Business and Private Banking Andrew Irvine heard from many of our customers  raising concern about rising living costs, global supply chains – and how finding qualified staff has been an ongoing challenge.

Additionally, we’ve seen…

  • Currency fluctuations – The Aussie dollar has  come under plenty of pressure over the past 6  months with inflation increasing, elevated risk in the market, supply chain disruptions, China zero COVID policy and a war in Europe, all of  which have led to a weaker AUD. AUDUSD  reached a high of 0.7661 in April and has  traded as low as 0.6194. This represents a 15-cent reduction in the AUD or a 20% increase in cost for importers.
  • Interest Rate increases – The RBA have shifted their Monetary Policy from “Easing” to “Tightening” in a bid to tame inflation.
  • Cyber security & scams – The ‘Hi Mum’ scam has been rife trying to trick people into transferring funds to scammers. Scams have a truly devastating impact on their victims, wreaking havoc on their finances and emotional wellbeing. Locally, we have experienced firsthand invoice scamming to one of our business clients. Luckily, alarm bells rang, and our team identified it early.

Check out our Security Hub on how to manage security and running a business.

But Andrew says “amid uncertainty, there is opportunity, too. Above all, I see so much resourcefulness in our NAB business customers – people who are meeting business and community problems with innovative solutions. One example is Libby and Tony from the Northern Territory”. You can have a look at their story here From the Ground Up -NT Link – NAB News.

We also heard from the brains behind Airtasker and v2food discuss The rewards of thinking differently. Two founders. Two very different business problems. But there were a lot of shared insights between Tim Fung of Australia’s own job-share platform Airtasker and Nick Hazell, founder of plant-based protein manufacturer v2food.

Here are three great take-outs from their recent conversation for Business Founders Talk.

1. Great ideas come from new solutions to old challenges

When Tim Fung started Airtasker in 2012, he was just looking at an old problem in a new way: “We often want to connect with someone in our local community to get something done and Airtasker is just about finding a new way to do that.” For Nick Hazell, the challenge of figuring out answers to sustainable food led him to the new technology of plant-based protein. “Most needs,” he says, “are just human needs.”

2. Collaboration is ‘super-important’

Tim Fung says that, when you listen to and understand other people’s needs, “it can help you adapt and grow your business, too”. For Nick, it’s about investing in expertise. “Because you can trust them, you don’t have to spend a lot of time checking stuff. It’s hugely enabling.”

3. Ask forgiveness, not permission

Nick says forgiveness is a core value of his business. “If you’re asking people to take risks, you’ve got to be forgiving when it doesn’t pull off.” For Tim, it’s about splitting ideas up into one-way doors and two-way doors. If it only goes one way, that’s time to think about it. “But if it’s a two-way door, let’s go for it, let’s figure it out, fast.

At NAB Business Nepean we have a growing team of nine passionate business bankers keen to hear from you. We also have a local team specialising in Trade & Working Capital, Asset Finance, Interest Rate Risk Management, and accredited FX advisors  who will take the time to understand and provide tailored strategies suitable for your business.

Please get in touch with Adam Buckley, Business Banking Executive on 0410 442 073 to find out how we can support your business!


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