Terms and Conditions

Posted on: February 8th, 2019 by Penrith CBD Corporation

Terms and Conditions of Membership Application

  1. Where an unpaid item is returned by a Financial Institution the customer will be responsible for the debit plus any return fees and administrative costs incurred by PCBDC 
  2. The Customer agrees that PCBDC or associated entities are able to contact them via any or all of the customer details listed, regarding promotional orders, materials and advertising programs updates 
  3. PCBDC will not be held liable in the event the monthly program cannot be completed, or where circumstances beyond their control affect the delivery of the program 
  4. For each fully completed payment the customer(s) will be eligible to participate in that payment period program, as determined by the PCBDC 
  5. Any customer(s) accounts that fall into arrears may be suspended/terminated from inclusion in the network program, at the direction of PCBDC and any funds received will be forfeited by the customer(s) 
  6. The customer(s) acknowledge that the current yearly membership fee for business outside the Penrith CBD is $125.00 (payable on commencement and then annually). The customers will be notified in writing of any increase to payments via one or more of their contact details at least 14 days prior to the increase commencing. 
  7. The Membership may vary at any time and is left to the discretion of PCBDC
  8. In the event of the Customer(s) being in default or breaching there Terms and Conditions the customer(s) specifically agrees that all costs incurred in recovering the amount owing to PCBDC will be the responsibility of the customer(s) whilst action is being taken to recover the monies 

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